Frequently Asked Questions

Do we charge for our Education and Mentoring Services?

IITStartups is a 501c3 Non-Profit for Education organization and as such does not charge for any Education and Mentoring, nor does it take any equity from the start-ups it assists. 

Can any startup join the Education and Mentoring Program?

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can view our online educational videos in the Library section of our website, and apply to join our cohort as an observer or full participant. The requirement for a full participant is that the start-up co-founder team has at least one IIT alum.

In which countries does IIT Startups operate?

We started in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, serving local start-ups for 1 st two years, however with Pandemic situation, we switched to online coaching and expanded our ecosystem globally with mentors and coaches in key hotspots. We have chapter reps in Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Toronto, and Bangalore (serving India).

What services does IIT Startups provide?

Our services include coaching, mentoring, and connectivity to help start-ups with fund raising and business development.
We run a cohort of 4 months with bi-weekly workshops & coaching, supplemented by weekly mentoring, and culminating in a Demo Day where start-ups pitch in front of global angels, institutional investors, and corporate development execs.

Can the coaches or mentors charge the start-ups any equity or fee?

The coaches and mentors’ services are free for duration of the cohort program. If the start-up wishes to engage the mentor for ongoing advice, coaching and/or mentoring after the Demo Day, they are free to get into private arrangement which is outside the purview of IIT Startups and it’s 501c3 non-profit status.