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Demo Day: Cohort 7 Companies

Wednesday, 19th January, 2022

( Times are in Pacific)
9:15AM - 9:30AM: Webinar Opens, sign-in and get coffee!
9:30AM – 9:45AM: Introductions
9:45AM – 10:35AM: Startup Presentations (Series A and Seed stage)
10:35AM – 11:30AM: Breakout sessions for meeting with founders

Meet Our Coaches!

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Sohag Desai


Shubhada Hebbar

Satish Khatu

Sanjay Tibrewal

Rajiv Puranik

Rajeev Jog

Mukesh Goel

Motasim Najeeb

Manoj Goel

Dushyant Desai

Dushyant Desai


Charu Rudrakshi

Bidyut Parruck

Connect With Our Cohort 7 Companies

Cohort 7 Startups

From Power Electronics to Machine Intelligence, our “Digital Battery” delivers meaningfully higher value/$ from eMobility batteries, with an initial focus on the explosive micro eMobility market.
Newmom.me is transforming the new motherhood by building a one-stop, next-generation marketplace for the education, acquisition and delivery of pre and postpartum support services that are Affordable, Convenient and can be accessed On Demand.
Proprietary AI enabled formula to create NPS/FICO type benchmark to improve UX and E-commerce conversions
Google makes it very difficult for businesses to improve organic traffic to their websites. MetaSense Marketing has invented and patented the world’s first Autonomous SEO platform to solve this problem and finally help businesses compete. https://bit.ly/MM30SecPitch
Core Mobile provides digital health Software-as-a-Service to improve workflow efficiency and patient outcomes by 20%. https://bit.ly/CM-30secPitch
Building tools to make glucose. activity and other health data availble to patients and health service providers
We Improve Energy, Health and Productivity by creating More Efficient Indoor Spaces. We use IoT & Data Analytics to Monitor, Measure, Analyze & Optimize the Indoor Space in the context of Health & Wellness, Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy & Carbon Savings.
We are building an AI-powered Managing General Agency (MGA) for insurance coverages to eCommerce businesses. We provide commercial general liability insurance coverage to Amazon sellers tailored for their unique risk exposures. We only need their store name on Amazon to instantly generate insurance quotes, with our proprietary AI underwriting solution.
RocketML is a high performance Scientific Machine Learning platform that speeds up traditional Scientific Computing by 100 times
Pudding is a smart platform that provides end-to-end visibility, analytics and a forecasting services for product evaluations/Proof of Concepts (POCs) during buying process.