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Our cohorts comprise of 12 to 14 startups, that we actively mentor and prepare them for a Demo Day in front of Angels, VC’s and investor arms of major corporations. To get in touch with our startups, send an email to info@iitstartups.org.

AdeptDC provides a zero-touch management platform for cloud-native applications, replacing
incumbents’ manual benchmarking approach with our zero-touch management approach.

Alan is a Conversational Voice AI Platform for Enterprise Mobile Apps. Our initial target is Oil &
Gas field operators having handsfree conversations to complete daily workflows. 

Digital AI recruiter for hiring-managers and recruiters. AMWI end-to-end candidate screening
platform recommends top candidate fit leading to better and faster (by 60%) hiring decisions.

Curie is redefining the standard of care for people with Asthma and COPD. We are building
transformative AI technology for assessment of respiratory symptoms from contactless
overnight monitoring of smartphone audio. 

Electriphi provides software solutions for vehicle fleet operators to help manage the transition
to electric vehicle fleets. 

Digital EQ coach that increases employee productivity and happiness with personalized daily
cognitive exercises.

Kredifi background screening platform provides personal information that is fast, accurate and
compliant at federal, state, local, and industry regulations for a global workforce. 

Neeve combines in-memory data management, microservices architecture and next generation
transaction processing to enable massive amounts of data to be processed with deep business
insight in real time. 

Nimbella Serverless Cloud is a cloud-agnostic serverless platform with integrated serverless
compute, memory and storage that enables developers to easily build stateful applications.

Reflective AI provides computer vision-based software to measure human operations, heavy
equipment activity and material movement in construction projects, by analyzing video feeds
using action recognition technology. 

Workomo is Relationships Intelligence for Power Professionals. Our AI-powered mobile product
is a calendar-integrated workflow that helps professionals effectively capture critical meeting
insights & follow-ups on-the-go.

Digital AI assistant for SMBs to automate front office and customer outreach for better engagement and conversion – starting with the Dental offices.
Amberoon helps banks manage operational risks related to financial crimes.
Applied AI that layers on top of the enterprise BI with a novel learning framework that calls 2nd and 3rd level insights like a trained domain expert.
Autonomous flight software for drone applications in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, oil & gas, public safety, healthcare, and other industries.
Connecting Enterprises to Truckers – Seamlessly!
Securing information & identity using blockchain and advanced cryptography.
Virtual 3D XR meeting & enterprise collaboration platform to enhance process efficiencies & workforce productivity, anytime, anywhere, with any device.
AI solution to help insurance companies lower their loss ratios, improve claim settlement times, and deliver better claim experience.
AI enabled morpho-molecular computational pathology platform for early detection of cancer tumor progression & prediction of patient response to drugs.

Plethy’s health-tech platform allows patients to follow their joint health treatment plan at home under physician supervision for better outcomes.

Slintel makes buying and selling of enterprise software easy by analyzing buying behavior, spend, usage and renewals.
SaaS solution, with productivity-enhancing workflows, for AI training data preparation.
Safeguards Enterprise workloads from application vulnerabilities without refactoring code, works automatically, for any language, including legacy applications.

Arevea is an online event management platform to create, plan / collaborate, book vendor services and invite guests

Credithydra is a blockchain based decentralized information bureau that gives consumers control of their credit and transaction data. 
Your computer laboratory on the browser. We make software development collaborative and fun.
Novel optical technology using computational algorithms for early diagnosis of occular pathologies such as macular diseases, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma & for monitoring ocular surgeries.
Game Lore brings pro-grade technology in sports to everyday athlete. Our technology/device will ‘measure’ every drill that an aspiring pro trains with, umpire every game (recreational or professional), record/reproduce what everyday coach/players would want to analyze.
Grihsthi provides a complete solution to all the household needs including both products and services from groceries/fresh produce to home/personal/baby/pet care.
Connecting Truckers with Shippers by eliminating the Broker layer using technology, data science and optimization algorithms.
IntelliH is a remote health monitoring, telehealth, education and advanced analytics platform for hospitals and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to manage their high risk chronic disease and post-discharged patients.
Screen free AI powered companions for children, and assistants for  busy parents.
Technology to accurately track people movement in real-time to enable proximity search, interest-based people discovery and last-mile behavioral analytics in an indoor environment
Sageian enables millennials to afford the house of their choice without heavy burden of Mortgage.
Smart Contracts Platform for Connected Devices/Machines that performs controlled and automated execution service level agreements (SLA), warranties, and O&M (Operations & Maintenance) agreements using self-executing contracts based on real-time inputs from connected machines and devices.
StepFunction is an AI training marketplace that brings together data publishers and enterprise AI customers.


Culture-free Antibiotic susceptibility test (AST) to diagnose resistant bacterial infections in < 2 hours (as against current process that take > 3 days) directly on clinical urine samples (unlike current process), for early detection of resistant bacteria to avoid patient morbidity, sepsis and hospitalizations.
Contiq’s SaaS platform enabled by AI enables enterprise  sales and pre-sales personnel to reduce the time to create tailored customer proposals by up to 80%.
DataPI makes financial analysts smarter with deep insights of capital market information to identify hidden opportunities using neural networks and ML.
Elotl is a serverless, cloud-native management controller to run enterprise applications in a secure & simple manner with demonstrated 60-80% cost savings.
GarbleCloud is a cost-effective “Data Privacy-as-a-Service” provider for the cloud to protect Business and Personal data spread across multiple cloud platforms.
Purpose-built IoT solutions that create value and drive business outcomes for the customers in manufacturing, energy, oil & gas and healthcare industry segments.
Purpose-built IoT solutions that create value and drive business outcomes for the customers in manufacturing, energy, oil & gas and healthcare industry segments.
NanoSec radically simplifies and improves application security to protect critical business assets from unknown cyber-threats on any infrastructure, at any scale
Palacio has a Simple Mission of making Every Home/Enterprise a Palace by introducing Decorative and Smart Products.
Tech enables users to ask questions and get answers from enterprise data sources to enables sales teams and support agents to provide better answers quickly.
Sedara is a platform to create and deploy mobile apps in minutes, to improve patient satisfaction and preventive care, and decrease post-discharge complications, and readmission rates.
Sentry is a virtualhome security assistant that automatically detects and responds to intrusions and emergencies using CV, AI, Audio Processing and NLP.
"Thank you so much for all the coaching and mentorship! Our companies are so much better off now. Thank you so much for all the countless hours of teaching!"
Manish Kulkarni
Netra Technologies

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