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Wizikey is World’s first fully integrated PR Solution that helps businesses create news. Aimed to be Salesforce of PR, companies to monitor their industry news trends, track competition insights and pitch their stories to 50,000+ reporters.

Virya Batteries

Ultra-Safe Lithium ion Cells technology, dendrite free (patented), first globally. Major segment EV OEMS. Problems Solved – Safety from fires, and Range Anxiety – Charging time of 10 mins from current 30 mins. In Process of acquiring Paying Customers


A NoCode platform that empowers designers and non-technical people to convert their designs into live experiences automatically, so they can build web experiences 50X faster at 1/10 of the cost.

Quadrical AI

Our Digital Twin Based AI Platform increases yields and margins through predictive analytics for the renewable industry. With solar growing 5X by 2030, we are speeding up the energy revolution with a product used by 3% of India’s solar capacity.

Manastu Space

World’s most efficient and safe fuel and engine, green propulsion system for space transportation currently for satellites and then landers and rockets


A SaaS solution redefining the future of work by solving the problem of distributed workforce with deeply integrated virtual applications customized for all occasions that can be used independently or with your existing video conferencing platform.


A SaaS Platform for Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) that mimics hackers, ransomware & nation state actors to help identify security flaws before they are exploited.


An online styling platform that uniquely combines the power of 200K+ stylists and rich data science to empower fashion brands deliver personal styling to their shoppers and increase online sales.


eZdia serves major eCommerce Marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart and Alibaba. With that experience and data, we are disrupting how brands increase their sales on these marketplaces. eZdia’s AI-driven – Optimization Engine is getting huge traction.


dotin Inc. is a Talent Lifecycle Management AI Platform that helps enterprises in Sourcing, Screening, Upskilling, Enhancing Diversity and Engaging Talent in Real-Time without asking any questions.