Company Category: Enterprise


Digital AI recruiter for hiring-managers and recruiters. AMWI is an end-to-end and fully automated candidate sourcing and screening platform, which recommends top candidates for your positions, leading to better and faster hiring decisions.

Alan AI

Alan AI is bringing conversational voice UX to all applications. Developers signup for the self-service voice AI Platform and we sell to B2B2C and B2B services for paid deployments.


AdeptDC provides a zero-touch management platform for cloud-native apps. Replacing incumbents’ manual benchmarking approach with our zero-touch management approach that combines AI-driven automation with agility, we reduce change failure rates.

SaaS solution, with productivity-enhancing workflows, for AI training data preparation.


Slintel makes buying and selling of enterprise software easy by analyzing buying behavior, spend, usage and renewals.


Virtual 3D XR meeting & enterprise collaboration platform to enhance process efficiencies & workforce productivity, anytime, anywhere, with any device.


Our SaaS app enables securely share sensitive documents within & outside the enterprise. We enable mortgage banks, accounting firms, hospitals, etc to safely share their PII & IP, with co-processing entities in compliance with GDPR & CCPA regulations

Hwy Haul

Connecting Enterprises to Truckers – Seamlessly!


Amberoon helps banks manage operational risks related to financial crimes.


StepFunction is an AI training marketplace that brings together data publishers and enterprise AI customers.