Company Category: Enterprise


Wizikey is World’s first fully integrated PR Solution that helps businesses create news. Aimed to be Salesforce of PR, companies to monitor their industry news trends, track competition insights and pitch their stories to 50,000+ reporters.


A NoCode platform that empowers designers and non-technical people to convert their designs into live experiences automatically, so they can build web experiences 50X faster at 1/10 of the cost.


A SaaS solution redefining the future of work by solving the problem of distributed workforce with deeply integrated virtual applications customized for all occasions that can be used independently or with your existing video conferencing platform.


A SaaS Platform for Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) that mimics hackers, ransomware & nation state actors to help identify security flaws before they are exploited.


dotin Inc. is a Talent Lifecycle Management AI Platform that helps enterprises in Sourcing, Screening, Upskilling, Enhancing Diversity and Engaging Talent in Real-Time without asking any questions.


Executives and decision-makers deploy our software and benefit from our expertise to improve the adoption and regulatory compliance of AI, by operationalizing explainable AI.


Keeps business compliant in real time by automating the enforcement and tracking of all legally required documents and credentials through legally binding Digital Transformation. No more audits, field travel or exposure to legal risks.


Business-driven Data Quality and Data Governance Platform. Catalog, Discover, Detect, Fix and Govern your enterprise and big data continuously without reliance on IT or third parties. Make your data operations reliable and data insights actionable.

Digitize interactions anywhere, anytime. Instantly put together just needed interactions that can be launched via QR codes, NFC tags, email and messages. Readymade instaApps for virtual & live events, memberships and more. No code. No app stores.


AI-driven freemium Sales Management Platform for B2B sales managers. Intelligence, derived by combining sales data from thousands of our customers, transforms any sales team into best-in-class sales performers.