Company Category: Energy

Virya Batteries

Ultra-Safe Lithium ion Cells technology, dendrite free (patented), first globally. Major segment EV OEMS. Problems Solved – Safety from fires, and Range Anxiety – Charging time of 10 mins from current 30 mins. In Process of acquiring Paying Customers

Quadrical AI

Our Digital Twin Based AI Platform increases yields and margins through predictive analytics for the renewable industry. With solar growing 5X by 2030, we are speeding up the energy revolution with a product used by 3% of India’s solar capacity.

Manastu Space

World’s most efficient and safe fuel and engine, green propulsion system for space transportation currently for satellites and then landers and rockets


ConnectMyEV provides a robotics solution to efficiently charge mechanically parked EVs and fleets of autonomous EVs. Complex software, mechanics, and high-power charging come together in ConnectMyEV’s proprietary charging robots.

Enact Systems

A cloud-based, enterprise-grade, SaaS platform that automates the deployment and management of distributed energy projects.


Electriphi provides SW solution for vehicle fleet operators to help manage the transition to electric fleets. Our solution saves 70% or more in operational and energy and infrastructure costs, while ensuring fleet can meet their operations KPIs.