Company Category: AI/ ML


A next gen no code platform – a conversational approach to build enterprise apps, helping accelerate digital transformation.

Enact Systems

A cloud-based, enterprise-grade, SaaS platform that automates the deployment and management of distributed energy projects.

Feather Health

We’re digitizing cardiac care: an electrocardiogram (ECG) data annotation & algorithm service for remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices. In goes raw ECG data, out comes high-quality labeled data.


AI-driven freemium Sales Management Platform for B2B sales managers. Intelligence, derived by combining sales data from thousands of our customers, transforms any sales team into best-in-class sales performers.


AI based real-time monitoring solution substantially improves the 40% defect rate in metal Additive Manufacturing (3D-Printing) at a fraction of the cost.


Workomo is Relationships Intelligence for professionals. Our AI app is a calendar-integrated workflow to effectively capture critical meeting insights & follow-ups on-the-go & combine with relevant relationships to contextually manage their network.

Reflective AI

Reflective AI provides computer vision-based SW to measure human operations, heavy equipment activity & material movement in construction, by analyzing video feeds using action recognition to track on-site productivity and identify inefficiencies.


Curie is redefining the standard of care for Asthma and COPD patients through AI for assessment of respiratory symptoms from contactless overnight monitoring of smartphone audio.


Digital AI recruiter for hiring-managers and recruiters. AMWI is an end-to-end and fully automated candidate sourcing and screening platform, which recommends top candidates for your positions, leading to better and faster hiring decisions.