Cohort: Cohort 1 (Fall 2018)

Sentry AI

Sentry’s virtual security guard SaaS uses computer vision AI to detect and recognize people, vehicles and weapons and reduces false alerts and personnel costs for monitoring centers & security providers

Sedara Health

Sedara is a personalized medicine platform to create and deploy AI/ML powered mobile apps in minutes, to improve patient satisfaction and preventive care, and decrease post-discharge complications, and readmission rates.

Autonomous Support platform for end-to-end automation that interprets complex customer cases automatically to provide resolutions from documents and past cases resulting in significant cost savings, higher CSAT, and improved productivity.


Bringing fine art and photography to every space.

Nanosec (acquired)

NanoSec radically simplifies and improves application security to protect critical business assets from unknown cyber-threats on any infrastructure, at any scale


Koopid orchestrates seamless and persistent conversations between customers and brands, across mulltiple channels and customer touch points.

Indus Intel

Purpose-built IoT solutions that create value and drive business outcomes for the customers in manufacturing, energy, oil & gas and healthcare industry segments.

Garble Cloud

GarbleCloud is a cost-effective “Data Privacy-as-a-Service” provider for the cloud to protect Business and Personal data spread across multiple cloud platforms.


Elotl is a serverless, cloud-native management controller to run enterprise applications in a secure & simple manner with demonstrated 60-80% cost savings.


Contiq is a Buyer Intelligence Platform that provides recommendations and buyer insights to the Enterprise sellers to accelerate their deals.