Cohort: Cohort 5


We are bringing Stripe like efficiency to Gift Cards

Enact Systems

A cloud-based, enterprise-grade, SaaS platform that automates the deployment and management of distributed energy projects.

Feather Health

We’re digitizing cardiac care: an electrocardiogram (ECG) data annotation & algorithm service for remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices. In goes raw ECG data, out comes high-quality labeled data.


Keeps business compliant in real time by automating the enforcement and tracking of all legally required documents and credentials through legally binding Digital Transformation. No more audits, field travel or exposure to legal risks.

Digitize interactions anywhere, anytime. Instantly put together just needed interactions that can be launched via QR codes, NFC tags, email and messages. Readymade instaApps for virtual & live events, memberships and more. No code. No app stores.


AI-driven freemium Sales Management Platform for B2B sales managers. Intelligence, derived by combining sales data from thousands of our customers, transforms any sales team into best-in-class sales performers.


A next gen no code platform – a conversational approach to build enterprise apps, helping accelerate digital transformation.

Success App

A smart platform that provides end-to-end visibility, analytics and a forecasting services for product evaluations/Proof of Concepts (POCs) during enterprise sales process.


World is too complex & dynamic to achieve end to end vehicle autonomy without human touch. We fill the gaps via teleoperation with remote driver handling the first/last mile or when needed on freeway.