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Business-driven Data Quality and Data Governance Platform. Catalog, Discover, Detect, Fix and Govern your enterprise and big data continuously without reliance on IT or third parties. Make your data operations reliable and data insights actionable.


Botzee Robots automate movement of goods & services in hospitals.


AI based real-time monitoring solution substantially improves the 40% defect rate in metal Additive Manufacturing (3D-Printing) at a fraction of the cost.


Workomo is Relationships Intelligence for professionals. Our AI app is a calendar-integrated workflow to effectively capture critical meeting insights & follow-ups on-the-go & combine with relevant relationships to contextually manage their network.

Reflective AI

Reflective AI provides computer vision-based SW to measure human operations, heavy equipment activity & material movement in construction, by analyzing video feeds using action recognition to track on-site productivity and identify inefficiencies.


Nimbella is the easiest Serverless Cloud for developers to build and run cloud applications.


Modern enterprises need to derive real-time insights from big and fast data. Neeve’s platform enables its customers in Equity Trading, eCommerce and Analytics to process massive amounts of data at phenomenal speeds, at scale and total reliability.


Provides a people information platform, designed to deliver faster, simpler and better background screening service for the new world. Kredifi’s unique “screen and share” solution empowers the individual, and helps businesses save precious time.


Digital EQ coach that increases employee productivity and happiness with personalized daily cognitive exercises. Our cost-effective solution brings proven leadership coaching benefits to the remaining 98% of employees.


Electriphi provides SW solution for vehicle fleet operators to help manage the transition to electric fleets. Our solution saves 70% or more in operational and energy and infrastructure costs, while ensuring fleet can meet their operations KPIs.